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A Distinctive Alternative

Paragon Inks is a privately owned, niche ink and coating manufacturer with a reputation built on over 29 years as a UV product and application specialist.

Our business philosophy is centered on the company values of integrity and partnership.

We actively develop long-term relationships with our customers, distributors, suppliers and co suppliers because of our absolute belief in the commitment to continuous improvement and service.

The twin focus on UV products and web printing application has allowed us to create and cultivate, over 29 years, a pioneering world-class expertise in UV inks and coatings, as well as print and converting application knowledge, for the packaging and product decoration markets that never stand still.

Forward Thinking

In recent years, we built a dedicated one-world manufacturing facility on a private 5-acre site.

This has enabled us to offer a unique manufacturing, technology and innovation facility as well as a dedicated training-centre, thus benefiting all our customers, brand owners, distributors and co-suppliers.

The new laboratory, training and production facilities allow the growing team of 41 people to continue and enhance their commitment to the global web-printing industry.

We strongly believe people are our business and have been Investor in People accredited for many years.

A One-World Business

As one of the acknowledged leaders in the web-printing field in the UK, we have been able to deliver our product and brand to the global market and in so doing, offering a real “one-world” alternative to the corporate and independent printers across the world.

Our sole manufacturing site, supplies our national market, but also our partners (Paragon Inks Australia and Paragon Inks South Africa), our direct international customer base and our select one-world distributor network, which covers over 35 countries across the world.

As proud winners of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2014, dedication and commitment to our home and global customer base is paramount.

Partnerships & Co Suppliers

We understand that UV inks and UV coatings are just part of the equation for our one-world customers to achieving high quality, consistent and cost effective products for their customers, brand owners and ultimately the consumer.

The other variables associated with print from the pre-press solutions to effective printing and converting is also vitally important.  Because of this, we have long standing working relationship with some of the world’s leading OEMs and co suppliers in the printing market today.

The Paragon One-World Global Guarantee

Paragon Inks is an ISO9001 accredited company and a member of the British Coatings Federation (BCF)

As a one-site-one-world producer, we carry out primary manufacturing of our own products. Using carefully selected raw materials, coupled with bespoke production techniques we ensure a quality and consistency that carries Paragon’s “one-world global guarantee”.