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Paragon Services

Committed to Customer Care

Our specially trained and dedicated technical team operates in a purpose built facility using state of the art equipment.  With more than 50% of our staff dedicated to inks and applications for the web printing industry, complimented by our relationships with key co-suppliers to the industry.

This has enabled us to provide our customers with an unrivalled level of service, becoming the only ink supplier to able to offer a complete package of added value services, bespoke to individual businesses.

Customer Development

True partnership is based on mutual success.

As part of our business offering we deliver ink and application training courses for not only customers, but band owners and co suppliers too.

We run bespoke ink and waste minimisation programmes for our customers to make their operations more effective, in conjunction with tailored made equipment too.

The programmes are based on actual experience due to the fact that we, as a company operate both continuous improvement and waste minimisation everyday.  The courses are run either off site or on site at our dedicated training academy. This gives real added value, where our competitors often only offer commodity.

Our goal is to deliver improved customer service and support through the use of new technology.

 On-site Assistance & Colour Matching

Available 24/7, we give our clients a complete support mechanism from on-press troubleshooting and press fingerprint assistance to aiding in our clients customer’s pass offs and new project development.

Colour matching is a service that can be delivered on or off site, by incorporating our unique anilox fingerprinting techniques, off press proofing and colour experience we can bring our zero tolerance in colour to our clients day-in-day-out.


Our philosophy is the more you understand the better you will be and faster you will develop.

This is why we have developed our complete ink and press training courses to cover all subjects related to ink, print and application.

The courses are individually tailored to each client to ensure the optimum results and productivity.

Subjects covered include:

  • Understanding UV
  • Understanding colour
  • How the press and its variable work together
  • Print trouble shooting
  • Specific application trouble shooting
  • New application market diversification
  • Inks and waste minimisation
  • Developing an ink department


We believe that a major factor to success in any pre-press area is having the tools to improve the effectiveness of their operation.

Whether that is day-to-day ink mixing to full QA testing and ink minimisation.

We only supply equipment that we use in our laboratories every day to our clients, bring a “mini Paragon Inks” to pre-press departments around the world.