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UV Coatings and Specialities

Our extensive range of coats and specialities for the UV flexo & UV letterpress print processes offer printers unlimited choice and real value for money for all SAL applications.

All our coatings and specialities are developed and manufactured using high quality European raw materials, using our own formulatory and end application knowledge and experience.

Bespoke manufacturing techniques and exacting quality control systems ensure performance, quality and consistency are a given.

Wether you are searching for a general purpose coating, a low migratory product or a unique special effect coating, we will be able to supply an ideal product for your needs.

For an overview of all our core products please see the clear coat selector in our PRODUCT GUIDE

Full technical details on individual products can be downloaded from our TDS SECTION

If your desired clear coat or speciality is not there, then please contact us directly to discuss further.