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UV Ink Ranges and Specialties

Letterpress is an established quality, niche print process that is too often over looked as an old, commodity process in today’s market.

We however, take an alternative view and appreciate its unique and continuing contribution to the web printing industry.

Our commitment to the letterpress process is a bespoke range of products that have been tuned and perfected with over 29 years of experience in application knowledge and market trends, giving a system that can run across all press types and sundries, substrates, global climates and applications.

The LM 2000 Series:

  • Migration compliancy to 60ppm, global migration limits
  • Benzophenone, ITX and BDK free
  • Low odour, low taint
  • Optimum print and on-press performance WITHOUT the use of solvents
  • High colour strength and heat stability
  • Minimal dot gain and absorption characteristics
  • Optimum adhesion properties across all types of substrates
  • Optimum flexibility, giving no cracking or flaking
  • Dedicated first down opaque whites
  • Specific coatings for optimum converting performance

The LM 3000 Series: 

  • All the features and advantages of the LM2000 series
  • A dedicated lightfast range of inks

Bespoke Benefits :

  • Ease of use with our “it does what it says on the tub” guarantee
  • Waste and down time reductions
  • Business diversification, growth confidence and assurance
  • A value added product designed with the SAL market in mind