One World Product Guarantee

The combination of our unique production techniques, bespoke formulatory knowledge and zero tolerance on all batch QC, developed and enhanced at our global manufacturing site in the UK, allows us to give the web printing industry our one world product guarantee.

The exclusive use of European grade raw materials in conjunction with strong supplier relationships, extending over 25 years, ensures that all global printers receive consistent, high quality product every time.

The Added Value of a Complete Package

We are proud to announce that we have moved to our new site and facility.

This dedicated investment to the web printing industry is a unique manufacturing, technology, innovation and training centre of excellence benefiting all our global sites, customers, distributors and co suppliers, based on a private 6 acre site.

Our new site boasts laboratory, production and training facilities triple the size of our old site, allowing our ever-increasing team of 20 technical personnel dedicated to the web printing industry to continue our commitment to customer care.

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Forward Thinking and Committed to Customer Care

Over 25 years of experience and dedication to total ink manufacture and application in the web printing industry has allowed us to develop a complete portfolio of products that work hand-in-hand with our bespoke services ranging from colour matching, on-press facilitation and training to proven ink and waste minimization programs.

This alternative and unique package gives printers the full flexibility and confidence to help develop and grow their businesses.