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Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

Paragon Inks (Holdings) Limited is committed to a clean, healthy and safe environment. We will provide our customers with safe, reliable, products and services in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner.

We believe that sound environmental policy contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers, shareholders and employees by contributing to the overall well being and economic health of the company and community we serve.

We will:

    • Endeavour to comply with Health & Safety and Environmental laws and regulations.
    • Consider environmental factors in all selling, planning, purchasing, and operating decisions.
    • Continuously improve our environmental management through on going evaluation of our performance.
    • Provide health and safety training and educate employees to be environmentally responsible at work and at home.
    • Seek to continually reduce waste in house and at customers’ and suppliers.
    • Give preferential status to suppliers who behave in an environmentally responsible way.
    • Use energy efficiently throughout our operations.
    • Re-use and recycle whenever possible.
    • Work co-operatively with others to further common environmental objectives.
    • Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the company, with customers and suppliers.