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Quality Policy

Policy Statement

Paragon Inks (Holdings) Limited is committed to supplying high quality products and services. We will provide our customers with safe, reliable, products and services, which conform to all relevant quality standards and specifications. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.

We will:

    • Continuously improve our quality management system through on going evaluation of our performance.
    • Manufacture our products to meet with all relevant legislation and customer specifications.
    • Give preferential status to suppliers who show commitment to quality.
    • Consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for product quality and performance.
    • Empower employees to question processes, which appear to produce discrepancies.
    • Work co-operatively with others to further common quality objectives.
    • Endeavour to ensure timely delivery of products and services to meet our customer’s requirements.
    • Ensure our personnel are properly trained so they are better able to serve our customers.
    • Monitor customer satisfaction through regular communications.
    • Practice good housekeeping.
    • Never compromise safety.
    • Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the company, with customers and suppliers.